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Special Exception Use
Procedures for consideration of special exceptions or variances.
If compliance with any of the requirements of this chapter would result in an exceptional hardship to a prospective builder, developer, or landowner, Upper Providence Township may, upon request, grant relief from the strict application of the requirements. All applications for approval of special exceptions or variances shall be considered using standards listed in § 182-32: Standards for granting of special exceptions or variances.
A. The Zoning Hearing Board shall hold a public hearing within 60 days after an application is filed pursuant to public notice.
B. Prior to submission of an application for special exception or variance to the Zoning Hearing Board, the applicant shall submit a soil erosion and sedimentation control plan to the Soil Conservation Service for review. The results of said review and any recommendations of the Soil Conservation Service shall be submitted as part of said application.
C. The Zoning Officer shall request, upon receipt of an application to the Zoning Hearing Board, the review and recommendations of the Upper Providence Township Planning Commission. Said review and any recommendations therefrom shall be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for any appropriate action.
D. The Zoning Hearing Board may request the review and recommendation of technical agencies or appropriate planning agencies to assist in determining the impact of the proposed use. Any such review shall be requested at least 30 days prior to the public hearing.
E. The Zoning Hearing Board shall render a decision within 45 days after the public hearing. In rendering a decision, the Zoning Hearing Board may impose special measures or conditions as deemed necessary and appropriate for the use to conform to the intent of the chapter.